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Internet marketing spend in Australia for 2005

The 2005 Online Advertising Expenditure Report from the Audit Bureau of Verification Services (ABVS) shows a further significant growth in Internet marketing spend for the year, although the rate of growth has slowed slightly compared to the 2004 figures.

Data for 2005 showed a total spend for the year of AU$620m, up 60% on the 2004 level. The share of total spend during the year was 31% for General Advertising (e.g. banner adverts, email and affiliate marketing), 33% in Classified Advertising and 36% in Search & Directories Advertising.

The search category has seen the biggest changes over the past few years, with the share of the total Internet advertising market rising from 29% in 2003 to 36% in 2005. This reflects the rapid growth of pay-per-click advertising in particular, with total spend for the year reaching AU$220m, up 72.5% on the previous year - another significant rate of growth that hasn't been reflected by the other 2 categories.

This annual Online Advertising Expenditure Report from ABVS is based on information provided by a number of leading publishers and portals in Australia. The report contains half yearly and quarterly analysis with a 2004 comparison, plus the report also includes additional data about spend within industry categories attracting general revenue as well as reporting trends in classifieds revenue.

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