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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Every business website should include some amount of search engine optimisation (or SEO) within their website, whether it's just to rank for the company name or to drive a large proportion of their new business through search engines.

Search engines and Google in particular are the primary starting point for potential customers to start looking for a product or service. That's why a business website needs to ensure that the structure and content of the site is developed to maximize the opportunities to achieve visible ranking positions. SEO can be a long-term process and is unlikely to achieve the short term results that a PPC advertising campaign can achieve, but it should be a central part of any online marketing strategy as the rewards can be highly cost-effective.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to other businesses who want more traffic visiting their website.

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The Web Search Workshop has created tailor-made search engine optimisation campaigns for many business websites since 2000, achieving successful results for companies who now benefit by attracting targeted visitor traffic from search engines and directories.

You can read more about what is involved with search engine optimisation and what you can achieve with your website, whether you're targeting a local, national or international market.

There are many different types of website optimisation strategy being offered online, but we take pride in providing a professional service that will focus on your marketing objectives and make the best use of your website. We won't offer false promises but we'll explain the stages involved and work with you each step of the way.

Every website will need a different approach and costing, but we've outlined some typical costs for optimising a website, plus you can read our top SEO tips that cover the essential elements that can make your search engine optimisation campaign effective.

There is also a section on the main search engines and directories that are important to focus on to achieve the best coverage of the market (including tips on better Google optimisation), as well as a summary of specialist search tools such as image search, local search engines or shopping search tools.

The section on building link popularity describes the importance of attracting links into your website from other third-party websites, as this can be a core factor that will help one website perform better than others within the natural search engine results.

You can find out more about the search engine optimisation service that we offer by contacting us now for an initial discussion or by requesting your FREE website assessment, which will include a review of how your site currently performs and outlines our proposals on what you now need to do to achieve a successful search engine optimisation strategy.