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Google AdWords training course launched in Sydney

Press release, August 2007

A new Google AdWords training course has been introduced in Sydney, Australia, in response to the growing business demand for better skills to run search engine advertising campaigns in-house.

The new course has been introduced by the Web Search Workshop, a specialist search engine marketing agency with offices in Australia and the UK. The company already offers a range of training courses covering SEO (search engine optimisation) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, which have been used successfully by many companies who want to develop their own skills in understanding and implementing these techniques.

Since Google is the most popular search engine, the use of the Google AdWords tool to buy search positions within the sponsored results has become increasingly popular, with many companies now setting up and running campaigns using this option. However, Google AdWords can also be a confusing and complex system to use, so more companies who want to manage these campaigns in-house are now recognising the need to develop their skills to ensure that their advertising spend can be as cost-effective as possible.

Having been managing Google AdWords campaigns for over 5 years, the Web Search Workshop team has extensive knowledge of this advertising tool and hold recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional Company through their UK parent company, the Web Marketing Workshop. This expertise is now being offered to companies who want to learn the skills themselves, with training courses available in the UK and throughout Australia and New Zealand.

According to Managing Director Clive Hawkins: "The increasing recognition of Google AdWords as a powerful marketing tool has seen a rush to start new campaigns by many companies who may not have the experience or knowledge to set up and run these successfully. This can lead to disillusionment with this form of advertising, when infact it could be achieving a lot more for them. In those cases where companies donít wish to outsource the work to specialist agencies such as ours, they can now benefit from this new training course to prepare them for running a profitable AdWords campaign."


The Web Search Workshop is a trading name of Web Marketing Workshop Pty Ltd and provides search engine marketing services to business websites, including search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising management. The company opened a new office in Sydney, Australia in January 2007, having been trading successfully in the UK since 2000.

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