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Knowing where the search begins

Total Business, June 2005

The rapidly growing search engine marketing sector has also spawned a large number of companies offering search engine optimisation services and ‘pay-per-click’ search advertising. However, there are some unscrupulous companies that see a quick profit and make false promises or vague guarantees that, in reality, don’t achieve results and leave their clients disappointed and disillusioned.

Therefore, when choosing a search marketing company, you need to find an established business that has many satisfied clients and can demonstrate an excellent track record in achieving results.

The Web Marketing Workshop is one such company. Established since 2000, this agency has built successful long-term relationships with many online clients. These relationships come as a result of clients achieving a high return on their investment in search engine marketing and who therefore continue to use the technique as a core part of their online marketing strategy.

The real difference that The Web Marketing Workshop offers is that they provide all clients with a personal and tailored search engine marketing strategy, based on their objectives and budgets. As Managing Director Clive Hawkins explains: “From the time we provide an initial free assessment of a website, through to implementing a full search engine marketing strategy, we set out for each client what can be achieved in an easy to understand and honest manner”.

Hawkins continues: “That’s because search engine rankings for competitive terms may not be achieved quickly - especially for new websites. Yet by developing a client’s website content and structure into a form that the search engines will favour, we enable effective search traffic to develop and grow as the site becomes more prominent as a highly visible player in their market”.

Alongside the optimisation work provided by The Web Marketing Workshop, they also implement pay-per-click search advertising for clients. This highly measurable activity can be used in many ways, from testing the effectiveness of different search terms, to supporting short-term promotions, or to extend the range of a search marketing campaign to achieve maximum visibility - whether for a local, national or international business.


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