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Success @ e-business

Profitable Internet Business and Commerce

Success @ e-business by Peter Morath
by Peter Morath

Published by McGraw-Hill, 2000
Paperback, 300 pages
ISBN: 0-07-709625-8

Electronic business is now mandatory for a successful enterprise, but only rarely does a book cover the whole subject end to end. In success@ e-business, you will find strategic considerations combined with project roadmaps to show the way to successful e-commerce and e-business initiatives.

The book acknowledges and reflects the different situations internationally (in particular the different stage of maturity of US e-business and that of European e-business). It examines the strategic considerations that lead to ‘electronic activity’ and explains the results which those strategic considerations must achieve before the technical implementation can start. It clearly distinguishes between e-commerce and e-business and draws its conclusions by identifying the different types of considerations necessary for projects and businesses, depending on their particular target markets, organizational environments and IT architectures. Examples are given to show how different approaches and solutions are developed under different circumstances.

Key features of the book are:

• Practical implementation of methods and techniques
• The globally emerging best practices from large corporations with the lessons learned, and translates that experience into the setting of SMEs and start-ups.
• The fundamental aspect of electronic business – the clients; firstly, that the client needs to be aware of the offering of a particular company and, secondly, that the company needs the client to become loyal to and profitable to the company.
• Possible solutions for setting up an e-business organisation and the underlying information technology.
• Checklists for the formulation of business plans.