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The Top 200 Web Sites For Marketing

The Top 200 Web Sites For Marketing by Mark Walker
By Mark Walker

Published by Kogan Page, 2000
Paperback, 122 pages, CD-ROM
ISBN: 0-7494-3269-1

Marketing personnel or small business managers in the will find this book to be a good starting point for finding information on the web. It can be used as a brief guide to some of the biggest sites that have become established on the web as sources of information on business and marketing issues. Because of this, many sites are unlikely to go out of date, but for more experienced users it is likely that there will be few surprises here either.

The book is part of a series of 'Top 200 Websites' titles and is divided into three sections. The first provides a brief introduction to the Internet as a source of business information and then gives a description of the main websites featured under different categories, such as sources of marketing and advertising advice, professional bodies, news and business information.

The second section is a listing of the Top 200 recommended sites, divided into 10 broad categories. There are lots of staple favourites here, but for web newcomers this is an excellent list to start from and build up a reliable collection of bookmarks for future reference. Sites are graded for relevance and ease of use to help guide users to identify a shortlist of the very best, but most of these 200 are likely to be useful for marketing professionals at some time or another.

The third ‘part’ of the book is the accompanying CD-ROM which can be installed to provide a desktop version of the book, linking the user through to the featured websites. This makes this book a valuable reference package that can also be updated online, although the only criticism would be the need to install a new browser onto the user’s PC, rather than utilise a standard browser or run directly from the CD.