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Thomson's WebFinder

Webfinder Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Web address:
Setup fee:
49 plus 50 initial deposit
Minimum CPC:
Min monthly spend:
Thomsonlocal.com, Business search results on Wanadoo, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo!
Content targeting:
Advert copy:
60 character title, 140 character description
Conversion tracking:

Owned by Thomson's Directories, which is the UK's largest local directory and classified advertising provider alongside Yell.com, WebFinder was established in 2002 to offer pay-per-click advertising, predominantly to business websites.


WebFinder's backing by an established business directory should allow it to grow it's presence and improve it's offering over the coming years. Local search marketing may also be a future strength of this provider, as it is a leader in offline local advertising.


Coverage of these adverts are quite limited and only appear to users conducting specific business searches on their main partner sites. The management system provided by WebFinder is not particularly powerful and no conversion tracking code is provided. It is also questionable if they are providing the best value, as to expand their network they are currently providing listings to Google AdWords with a 10% markup on Google's own costs.

If you are looking to start running pay-per-click advertising with any of these providers or need to improve the effectiveness of your current campaign, find out more about our PPC management service or contact us now for more information.