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Yahoo! - Website submission to the Yahoo! directory

Yahoo Directory - submitting a website to Yahoo!

The Yahoo! directory is no longer the force it once was, but to get a site listed here can be done using a guaranteed paid option, or through a free route which will take longer and may not be guaranteed.

The main issue to consider these days is the impact that a listing on the Yahoo! directory will have on the main search engine results. Yahoo! uses its directory listings to supplement its search results and this can affect the rankings for some terms as the company name or directory description can override any optimised content from a web page, although there is now a way to prevent the impact of this.

How to submit a site to the Yahoo! directory

To submit a website to the Yahoo! directory, you first need to find the appropriate category for your website, either by browsing down through the categories or by searching for key terms and finding similar companies and the categories they are listed under.

Once at the category level you select the 'submit a site' option and decide whether to pay the listing fee or try the free submit option. Yahoo! requires a number of submission fields to be completed, with the most important being the description of the site. You are limited here to a maximum of 25 words and the description needs to be objective and non-promotional, but should also contain a number of the main search terms that you are targeting for your site.

Your submission may be rejected or amended by Yahoo!'s editors, but once listed, your rankings will be determined by the title of your entry (which is your company name) and the short line of descriptive text, so the options are quite limited.

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