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Our business principles

At the web search workshop, we believe that when you entrust your business to a supplier, it's important to know what they will - or won't - do. There are many different views and techniques being used by search engine marketing and optimisation companies, some of which will benefit your site and others may only serve to get your site banned from a search engine.

We take pride in offering our clients an open and transparent service that is tailored to their website and online objectives. We also have 10 core business principles that we will follow when implementing a search engine optimisation and marketing strategy for your site.

Firstly, 5 things that we DO:

  1. We do offer a dedicated, honest and personal service that means working with you to create the most effective results.
  2. We do research the best keywords and phrases for your market, as these are central to the optimisation of your website in order to generate the most effective traffic from search engines.
  3. We do have an in-depth knowledge of search engines and directories and constantly test and monitor their performance in this fast changing, and often secretive, field.
  4. We do offer you the option of increasing the link popularity of your site, which can boost your search engine ranking and create more traffic from other websites.
  5. We do encourage you to use search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising as a central part of your web marketing strategy, but not one that should be followed in isolation.

And 5 things that we DON'T:

  1. We don't implement any 'spamming' techniques with search engines, as this will result in a long-term loss, despite any possible short-term gain.
  2. We don't use any automated software to create gateway pages, or to submit your website, as our experience shows that tailored optimisation and manual submissions remain the most effective way to achieve the best results.
  3. We don't work on more than one website in a competing market at the same time, as this will compromise the results that we can achieve for our clients.
  4. We don't charge top web agency rates, because as a small specialised business we can maintain low overheads, whilst our tried and tested techniques work within our package charges.
  5. And finally, we don't offer guarantees on achieving certain search engine rankings. This may seem strange, but we believe that the guarantees offered by other search engine optimisation companies are purely marketing gimmicks that will not benefit the placement of your website in the long run. Search engines can sometimes change they way they index or rank sites without notice but we will work within their current procedures and standards to achieve the best possible traffic to your website. We will share with you our track record of ranking performance being achieved with other clients and our core business principle is that we want to get the best results for your website and in turn, continue to work for your business and grow our business through your recommendation to others.

For more details, please contact us for an informal discussion, or you can request an initial FREE site assessment to see what action we would suggest for your website.