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The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook

The Advanced Internet Searcher's Handbook by Phil Bradley
by Phil Bradley

Second Edition
Published by Library Association Publishing, 2002
Paperback, 243 pages
ISBN: 0-85604-380-0

Despite all the hype about how easy the Internet is to use and how you can find almost anything you want, unless you are a skilled searcher this is far from the case. This acclaimed guide is an ideal resource for any information professional wanting to take full advantage of the Internet through more effective search techniques. It will help to increase your understanding of how search engines work and is full of hints and tips for more productive searching.

This fully revised edition adds a wealth of information about new search engines, and includes a detailed exploration of Google. New chapters have been added on important areas such as: searching the 'invisible' web; weblogs; resource- or site-specific search engines; and an in-depth look at useful online tools - search toolbars, bookmark managers, pop-up killers, spam filters - and many more.

The handbook offers help with topics including:

This approachable text is completed by the author's 50 tips and hints for better and quicker searching, followed by utilities to help the advanced searcher and sources for further help.

To be read from cover to cover or dipped into when needed, this handbook will be of use to all those searching the Internet for information, whether they are taking their first steps or are becoming more expert.

It is also a useful tool for those who need to teach others how to search the Internet efficiently. Although the text pays particular attention to the use information professionals can make of the Internet, it will be helpful to anyone who wishes to find information quickly.