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Creating Web Sites

The Missing Manual.

Creating Web Sites, by Matthew MacDonald
By Matthew MacDonald

Published by O'Reilly (4 Nov 2005)
Paperback, 560 pages
ISBN: 0-596-00842-2

Websites are getting faster and slicker, but they’re also becoming more complex to create. So what should you do if you want a sharp-looking site without having to become a sophisticated web guru? The publishers of this book claim that the answer is here, as this book can show you every step to get your site up and running.

This well illustrated and easy to follow book includes:

• Everything from planning to launching a new site: learn the 'nitty-gritty' of building your home on the web, from picking and buying a domain name, choosing a web hosting firm, to building your site and uploading the files to a web server.

• Ready–to-use building blocks: creating your own website doesn’t mean you have to build everything from scratch. Discover how to incorporate loads of pre-built and freely available tools like interactive menus, PayPal shopping carts, and Google Ads.

• The modern web: since today’s best looking sites use powerful tools like Cascading Style Sheets (for sophisticated page layout) and Javascript (for rollover buttons and cascading menus), this book doesn’t treat these tools as fancy frills - instead, from step one, you can read about easy ways to use them for building powerful sites.

• Blogs: learn the basics behind the web’s most popular form of self expression, and take a step-by-step tour through Blogger, the popular Google-run blogging service.

The Missing Manuals series offer clearly written and light-hearted guides to popular computer products and topics. This book includes some valuable practical guidance and advice to help relative novices start to develop their own websites, or to enable readers to understand the main issues that are involved when briefing or understanding website designers.