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Donít Make Me Think!

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.

Donít Make Me Think!, by Steve Krug
By Steve Krug

Published by New Riders, 2005
Paperback, 201 pages
ISBN: 0749446633

The second edition of this respected handbook is updated with some new sections and examples and clearly presents the principles that are important to keep in mind when evaluating site usability to enhance a visitor's experience.

Based on exhaustive user research, this book includes conclusions drawn from real data rather than theory and supposition. The author also provides much-needed answers to perennially debated questions about the right way to design Web sites by focusing the debate on real usability issues rather than from design turf wars. It will boost the reader's "usability IQ" so they can detect usability problems in the sites they manage, design, build, or pay for.

Written in an entertaining and conversational style, supplemented by numerous illustrations, with powerful but clear down to earth explanations of easy-to-understand examples, this book covers such topics a how to think about usability, how to develop a sensibility for what works and what doesn't, how to perform usability testing on a shoe-string, getting designers and web developers to work together, and navigational guidelines.

Highly recommended as a primer for web designers, site marketers and business owners who want to ensure that their website is working as effectively as possible.

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