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Search Engine Marketing Packages & Pricing

SEO & Google Ads (AdWords) Special Offers - For a Limited Time Only

We have some limited time pricing offers on both Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads (AdWords) (PPC) campaigns, to celebrate over 15 years' experience of managing search engine marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients.

Google Ads (AdWords) Campaigns

We're currently offering a professionally structured Google Ads (AdWords) campaign with half-price set-up plus FREE $100 of advertising credit for new accounts. Our monthly account management starts from the special offer price of just $395, based on the size of the campaign (see below).

This will give you the perfect opportunity to start using Google Ads (AdWords) and the chance to get your new account off to the best possible start with our professional set up and management support. We are fully qualified Google Ads (AdWords) Certified Partners, so you can be sure that your campaign will be driving cost-effective traffic to your business website and maximising your return on investment.

All of our Ads (AdWords) management packages include the following:

Google Ads (AdWords) Management Packages

Package Type* Local Standard Advanced Corporate
Set up fee $790 $395 $900 $450 $1390 $695 $1990 $995
Monthly management fee $345 $495 $695 $995

* Although we tailor each Ads (AdWords) campaign to the specific requirements of our clients, the following packages provide an outline of the type of campaign structure offered for each pricing level:

This is our entry-level management package. It is for small businesses targeting a local market and with a monthly advertising budget of less than $1,000. These campaigns would be suited to the use of the more simplified version of Ads (AdWords): AdWords Express.

This is a package designed for small businesses with a monthly advertising budget of $3000 or less. It includes up to 500 keywords, up to 3 campaigns and up to 20 adverts.

This is for medium-sized businesses with a monthly advertising budget up to $10,000. It includes up to 1,000 keywords, up to 5 campaigns and up to 40 adverts.

This is for larger companieswith a monthly advertising budget more than $10,000. It includes over 1,000 keywords, over 5 campaigns and over 40 adverts.

You can read about our Google Ads (AdWords) Management service and why we are different. Alternatively, contact us now for more details, as this offer is for a limited time only.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can request a quote for the recommended search engine optimisation work on your website by submitting this FREE website assessment request. Prices can vary based on your website and target market, and start from $395 per month (with a recommended period of 6 months). This includes the initial set-up fee spread across the first few months of the campaign. Our SEO specialists can provide you with an assessment within 48 hours, tailored to your website and marketing requirements.

This assessment will detail the current level of optimisation on your website and what improvements we would propose to help increase your rankings and search engine traffic. This is a completely FREE 'no obligation' review of your website.

We have no fixed period contracts, so it's entirely up to you how long you'd like us to run the campaign/s for, as we believe we can be judged by our results and we have a large and loyal client-base to reflect the success we can bring to companies online.

Please contact us now about your particular requirements, either by phone or through this contact form. We'll then tell you more about how our highly experienced, qualified and professional online marketing service can help to make your website business the success it should be.

Google Ads (AdWords) Review / Consultation / Training Services

We also provide Ads (AdWords) reviews and Ads (AdWords) consultancy services for businesses that have previously managed, or are currently running, an Ads (AdWords) campaign. We also offer professional training courses for businesses of all sizes throughout Australia - please visit our sister site, the Web Training Workshop for more details about these.