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Building links

With 'link popularity' now becoming an important factor to enable a website to achieve a prominent search engine ranking, the link building package is an essential supplement to the website optimisation work offered by the Web Search Workshop, particularly for new sites or those with few links currently pointing at their domain.

If your website is optimised but in need of more links to boost its ranking performance, contact us now to find out how we can help. We can provide you with a link building proposal and then implement as campaign for you as outlined below. Alternatively, if you want to develop a link building campaign in-house, we can provide you with a detailed document outlining the best link building strategies, or we can offer a link building training course.

Remember that link popularity is used by Google and the other major search engines to increase a site's rank in the search results list, based on the quantity and relevance of links pointing to the site. It is now more important than ever - particularly for new websites - to establish links from other relevant sites that will help to increase their 'link rating', as well as to drive other targeted traffic from related online sources.

The main link building package that we offer includes the following:

In most cases we will source other relevant websites that provide free links, although increasingly the most valuable sites now require a reciprocal link in return, or charge a one-off or annual fee for adding links to their sites.

With reciprocal link sites it can be useful to add a page of links to your own site to offer this facility, or with the paid options we can advise you on the relative value that could be achieved from implementing one or more of these options.

For more details, including prices, please contact us, or you can request an initial FREE site assessment to see what could be done to improve your search engine marketing.