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Content is King

Writing and Editing Online

Content is King by David Mill
By David Mill

Published by Elsevier, 2005
Paperback, 211 pages
ISBN: 0-7506-6317-0

Content is King has been written specifically for marketing professionals, copywriters and editors to enable you to produce more effective copy for the online audience.

Drawing on his wealth of experience in professional writing and editing, David Mill gives you comprehensive guidance on the key topics to be addressed when writing for the online readership.

Items covered include writing and editing for websites, email, e-newsletters, search engines and online ads; covering business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer.

Approaching each topic individually, David provides specific guidance, examples, tips and checklists to allow you to rapidly develop the skills needed to write the most appropriate and effective copy for a range of purposes.

Provides guidance on how to write, edit and publish more effective content for your online readership.
Guidelines applied to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business organizations.
Uses an accessible style with clear structure and learning points.

This book stands apart from other copywriting titles in that it is a clear, concise and relevant guide written specifically from a marketing perspective.

This ensures you are given specific guidance on writing relevant copy for your target audiences. You, therefore, gain maximum benefit from reading this book over and above more generalized texts in the same area.