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Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Visibility by Shari Thurrow
By Shari Thurrow

Published by New Riders (7 April 2003)
Paperback, 312 pages
ISBN: 0-7357-1256-5

Search Engine Visibility provides a comprehensive introduction to search engine optimisation, although the main focus of the book is given to designing 'search engine friendly' websites, with-in depth sections on both designing best practice websites from the outset, and also workarounds for dealing with existing websites.

In these areas coverage is comprehensive and very useful for web designers and developers, plus would also be very useful for marketing teams or clients who need to make sure their site is built correctly.

The book also looks other areas including submissions, link building and techniques to avoid, although these are covered in less detail, and are also areas that rapidly evolve.

Overall Sari Thurow has written the book in a succinct, easy to digest style using a good range of examples, making it one of the best books on search engine opimisation available.

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