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SEO training courses:  New search engine marketing correspondence course
Search engine marketing correspondence course

This new course provides an alternative option for companies who may want to develop their own search engine marketing campaigns in-house, but at a lower price or slower pace, with the addition of feedback and coaching from a search engine marketing specialist. Using the format of a correspondence course, you can select from a number of modules that will allow you to learn the skills required to market your website on search engines.

Depending on the training module or modules that you chose, you will be sent a detailed training document that covers all the main elements required to master the skills required and implement the techniques for your website. The document will be tailored to your own website and market and includes a series of exercises that you will then need to complete and return to the Web Search Workshop for review and feedback before moving on to the next stage of the course.

You can therefore complete the course as quickly or slowly as you wish and receive expert feedback to help you understand and implement the required techniques. You will also have detailed training notes and links to other resources and tools to keep for future reference.

Whether you already have some knowledge of SEO or PPC techniques, or are completely new to this field, this correspondence course will provide you with the skills and techniques to market your site effectively on search engines.

The 3 modules currently available are:

Search engine optimisation techniques

In this module you’ll learn:

Link building techniques

In this module you’ll learn:

Pay-per-click advertising techniques

In this module you’ll learn:

As you work through the series of practical exercises included in the modules, you can receive our expert advice to help you fine-tune the results and put the SEO and PPC techniques that you learn into practice.

Prices for the different modules of this correspondence training course will be based on the number selected. To find out more, please contact the Web Search Workshop by telephone on (02) 8011 1378, or by email to training@websearchworkshop.com.au, stating which course or module you are interested in and any special requirements.


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