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Search engine marketing solutions

Most of the enquiries we receive fall into a number of typical situations depending on the needs or knowledge of the web user. We've outlined below the common situations that potential new clients find themselves in, so if you've found this website because you're looking for a search marketing solution for your business website, we have suggested the best places to start:

"I don't understand any of this - I just want to get my website to achieve high search engine rankings!"

We understand that you don't want to be a search engine marketing specialist, so this is the service we offer. You can call us for a friendly, no-obligation discussion that will avoid technical jargon, or you can request a FREE website assessment to receive a detailed proposal for your website.

If you want to find out some background information, visit our pages explaining what search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising are and how your business can benefit. Then you can read about our search marketing services and who we are - our track record speaks for itself!

"Our business has tried search engine optimisation before but it didn't work - what can you do differently?"

Unfortunately this is a common situation - whether you or your web developers have tried to achieve rankings with no success, or even worse, you've paid good money to a search engine optimisation company and received poor results and disappointing service. The strategies used to optimise and market a website on the main search engines are vital and can mean the difference between top rankings over a long term period or a frustrating waste of money.

In which case, try the web search workshop. Call us now to see why we are different, or request the FREE website assessment for a no-obligation review of your current website optimisation. You can read more about our approach and why it will benefit your business, plus you can learn about our business and why we have many satisfied clients who have built their online business with us as a key marketing partner.

"Pay-per-click is supposed to be a cost-effective marketing technique, but it hasn't worked for us!"

Pay-per-click advertising (or advertising your business on the sponsored results on the main search engines) is now the fastest growing marketing sector as hundreds of companies recognise the advantages of generating cost-effective and relevant traffic using tools such as Google AdWords.

However, PPC advertising may not work for all websites and it can seem to be either confusing, time-consuming or both to new advertisers. Also as the number of entrants to each market continues to grow, the need to manage a campaign more effectively grows more important.

If you’ve tried PPC but have been disappointed in the results, contact us now and we’ll be pleased to review your campaign and suggest ways of improving the return on your advertising spend. We can also tell you more about pay-per-click advertising, or the advantages of PPC v SEO, plus the best strategy to follow. We also review the main PPC providers in Australia.

"I need to attract cost-effective search engine traffic site now!"

Depending on your strategy and online business objectives (as well as your budgets) we can propose a solution for you. You can read more about the different advantages of search engine optimisation compared to pay-per-click advertising and we'll be happy to advise you on the best solutions for your business. Contact us now for an informal discussion, or request a FREE website assessment to see how your website can achieve increased search engine traffic now, and in the long-term.

"We'd like to develop our search engine marketing skills in-house - how can you help?"

If you want to devote the time and resources to develop your search engine marketing campaign in-house, then we can help. We have been running search engine marketing training courses for many companies over the years and can provide you with a course tailored to your needs. In addition, if you are a web design agency looking to outsource search engine optimisation for your clients, contact us now or find out more about our services.

Thank you for your interest in our search engine marketing services. We look forward to working with you soon - simply contact us now to take the first step towards helping your website start 'using search for business'!