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SEO training courses:
Mastering search engine optimisation

Effective SEO training courses are now in demand as this online marketing technique has become a vital element in any business website development. This 1 day training course from the Web Search Workshop has been running for over 5 years and has been successfully used by many companies in the UK and Australia who wanted to learn SEO skills in-house.

If you want to discover what are the key elements to effectively optimise your website - from keyword research to website design and link development - then this course will prepare you with all the tools and techniques required.

You’ll learn about:

This training course will also include a series of practical exercises so that you can put the SEO techniques into practice, and you’ll be supplied with links to useful resources and online tools.

The focus of the training examples used will also be on your own website and market sector and the content of the course can also be tailored to suit your specific requirements and areas of interest. As a result, you’ll come away equipped with all the SEO principles and techniques that will make a significant difference to your website’s ranking performance, plus you’ll have access to a free follow-up consultation on the optimisation work that you’ve prepared.

Training can be undertaken at your office or a suitable location of your choice where there is fast Internet access.

Prices for this training course will be based on the number of people attending, up to a maximum of 10 people. To find out more, please contact the Web Search Workshop by telephone on (02) 4948 8139, or by email to training@websearchworkshop.com.au, stating which course you are interested in, the number of people expected to attend and any special requirements.


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